Mythic Battles Pantheon - All Stretch Goals Inclusief

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In Mythic Battles: Pantheon , clashes between warbands, in the midst of a post-apocalyptic ancient Greece, are the focal point of the game.

The Titans have escaped their prison in Tartarus to wreak havoc and devastation upon the world. Seeking revenge on their jailers, they attacked the home of the Gods - Mount Olympus itself! The battle was long and closely-fought, but in the end the Gods were victorious. Even so, the battle cost them dearly.

The surviving Gods are greatly weakened and have lost their immortality. The only way to regain this power is to assimilate the energy stones called Omphalos. The first to absorb enough of this energy will become the new ruler of the Gods, and can create a Pantheon in their own image.

Choose your God, draft your warband and take the fight to your enemies with the might of the most powerful beings from Greek mythology at your command.


Core Content
37 miniatures
146 cards
10 special dice
15 omphalos
Over 100 tokens
34 3D cardboard terrain
13 dashboards
1 rulebook
2 game aid sheets
1 book of scenarios
2 double-sided gameboards



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